CADdirect 2024 AI - Artificial Intelligence CAD System powered by ChatGPT, Expert Robotics, and IntelliCAD

Free Registration for Wednesday October 18, at 2:00 pm EDT (14:00 New York Time)

New CADdirect 2024 AI powered by ChatGPT, IntelliCAD, and Expert Robotics just released!

Is CADdirect 2024 fully AutoCAD compatible?
Is CADdirect using AutoCAD similar commands?
Is CADdirect 2024 PDF AI Import better than in AutoCAD?

CADdirect 2024 Artificial Intelligence Functions:

  • New AI Support System based on ChatGPT
  • New AI PDF Import / Export based on Expert Robotics
  • New AI Tutorial based on OpenAI
  • New CADconv AI DWG Import/Export Tool
  • New AI Code Generator/Corrector and AI Programming

CADdirect 2024 new Functions:

  • New 3D Functions and Elements
  • New 2D Functions
  • New CSV/Excel Import/Export
  • New IFC or Revit Import / Export
  • New AEC Functions and Elements