CADirect CADirect 2025
PDF to DWG import/export AI features in operation

Free Registration for Wednesday June 12, at 2:00 pm EDT (14:00 New York Time)

AI CAD system CADirect CADirect 2025 AI offers a range of additional functions that can increase the accuracy of PDF imports using PDF to DWG conversion, including:

- Cordinates calibration and correction
- OCR text correction
- Wall recognition n PDF
- Layer recognition in PDF
- PDF viewer for construction drawings
- PDF export as 3D/2D PDF

Our Webinar goal is not only to provide you with a new CAD system, as we are confident that you are already proficient in using your CAD system. Rather, we aim to offer post-processing for converted DWG files based on CAD functions and viewing. To provide these special functions for PDF to DWG conversion correction, we require our own CAD system in the background, and thus, we cannot offer this function as a dedicated add-on to existing CAD systems.