CADdirect 2024 AI - Artificial Intelligence CAD System powered by OpenAI and IntelliCAD 11.1

Free Registration for Wednesday March 22, at 2:00 pm EDT (14:00 New York Time)

New CADdirect 2024 AI just released!

Can CADdirect 2024 pass the Bar Exam?

Can CADdirect 2024 program itself?

Can CADdirect 2024 pass Secretary Level Exam?

Can CADdirect 2024 answer all CAD support questions?


CADdirect 2024 Artificial Intelligence Functions:

                    New AI Support System based on OpenAI

                    New AI Tutorial based on OpenAI

                    New AI Drawing Copyright Security based on Machine Learning

                    New AI PDF Import / Export

                    New AI LISP Code Generator and AI Programming


CADdirect 2024 new Functions:

                    New 3D Functions and Elements

                    New 2D Functions

                    New IFC or Revit Import / Export

                    New AEC Functions and Elements