Awards & Testimonials

“This is such a wonderful product and I just recently bought it from your company…”

Joselito Arayata, Carson, CA

“The best PDF to CAD converter I have tried so far.”

Rod Marks, Lynch Mechanical, Inc.

“I have tried your program and found it to be the best so far, mainly because it does convert to DWG and not just DXF. Other programs only convert to DXF and all the lines come in as polylines which is basically useless.”


“It performed very well and helped me achieve my purpose. I am grateful for the opportunity to use your program and when “wealth and fame overtake me”, hope to continue to enjoy a fully Licensed version of the software”

Lee Berry

“If you are representative of your company you work in a good place. The archive you last sent is good.”

Walter H. Read JR, Applied Technology

“Thank you very much, this program is awesome. You all are the best, thank you again and have a great day.”

Brian Hoerr, St Louis District Area Manager

“We’ve tried a couple of different PDF to DWG converters, and yours is by far the best.”

David Dougan, Fine Architectural Millwork & Cabinetry

“Thanks very much for the quick response … Your service is really marvelous… can’t ask for any better.”

Melanie Embrey

“My thinking is that your Back2CAD is the ONLY program out there that actually works. And I will definitely have to buy it to improve my work flow in autocad.”

Kevin Pyle

“I gave your software a hard beating today. It worked flawlessly within expectations.”

Joe Burke

“I didn’t know there was a product like this out there. It’s great!”

Eloisa Marrero

“Your software can handle them quite effectively.”

Lee Berry

“…Thank you for the excellent support!”

Joachim Jewski

“The new version of the converter was able to solve our problem. Remarkable!”

V. Mittmann, Building Project Consult Ltd

“After looking at a bunch of converters your package is the most user friendly and seems to have the best conversion time and accuracy”

Neal Cleveland

“It’s very easy to use. It worked very well for a pdf to dwg.”


“I tried it then I purchased it, I am very happy with the purchase.”


“Thank you for your email and prompt response. Your service is excellent. The software is working extremely well.”

Graham Cooper, Epsilon Consulting

“I tried your product and am impressed. We may purchase it in the future to assist in recreating lost CAD drawings from PDF formats. Thank you for this time-saving product.”

Lauren Morgan, Licensed Interior Desinger, DC Interiors

“Hi, Yes, it is excellent, my IT department will contact you and to purchase some Licenses.”

Tam Nguyen, THALES - Rail Signalling Solution Inc

“I congratulate you on the perfect program and on the perfect menu-driven operation.”

Rudolf Schild CAD Studio

“Good luck with your software it has done me many good turns.”

Roger Muehlemann ,Fyling Roger Mühlemann

“I just downloaded the demo version and I am delighted.”

Stefan Masarin, Raedisch Ltd

“The program works great and we will recommend your products with all of our clients.”

Robert Davis, Civil Solutions

“The result is clearly the best I have ever seen with pdf-to-cad conversion software. You have a very good product.”

Regelio Bravo, Civil Engineer

“…I try your program and I like it very much. It converts PDF to DWG fast and neat, especially, it converts text as text not curves.”

Boris Feldman, Institute of urban planning of Moscow region

“…Hello, I was trying to convert a PDF to DWG with a different program, and it wasn’t working, so I type PDF to DWG into my internet search engine, and yours came up first on the list. I loaded your trial version, and it works great…”

Greg Matthews