CADconv AI transformer is an integral component of our CAD software, CADdirect 2024.

CADconv AI allows CAD users to analyze, manipulate, and automatically adjust any drawing to adhere to new CAD standards, while also eliminating any flaws or imperfections in the design.

CADconv AI advanced AI layer reprogramming and simplification refers to the process of making complex layer structure more efficient and streamlined.

CADconv AI provides a unique AI methods that allows advanced customization of the Layer structure prior to CAD or BIM usage.

CADconv AI offers specialized methods for changing colors in DWG files. The adjustment of colors to a white or black background can be achieved through a color transformation table.

CADconv AI provides special techniques for altering line weights in DWG files.

CADconv AI offers specific methods for changing linetypes in DWG files. The insertion of new linetypes using a prototype drawing allows for easy adjustment of linetypes.

CADconv AI can be saved and accessed as needed. The program allows for the execution of all defined conversions at once with the push of a button, even on thousands of files.

CADconv 2024 can perform conversions within CAD or DWG blocks of any nesting depth.