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Perfect Batch PDF to DWG Conversion with Raster2Vector and OCR of Text using Print2CAD 2024 AI

Print2CAD 2024 AI is a Stand Alone Software and Works With Any CAD System Inclusive AutoCAD® All Versions.

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That's the Power of an Artificial Intelligence PDF to DWG Conversion

Free Conversion Services or Non-AI SoftwareCommon PDF to DWG and Raster2Vector Methods

Artificial Intelligence Converter Print2CAD 2024 AIAI PDF to DWG and Raster 2VectorMethods

Batch AI PDF to DWG Conversion, AI Vectorization of PDF Raster Images, OCR of Non-Native Text, AI Symbol Recognition, AI Layer Recognition.

AI PDF to DWG Converter

Print2CAD 2024 AI converts all PDF vectors, PDF raster images (vectorization), native and non-native PDF text (OCR).

Print2CAD 2024 AI recognizes circles, arcs, right corners, rectangles, frames, crosses, small symbols. Powered by OpenAI.

Print2CAD 2024 AI converts or recognize layers, linetypes and line weights.

Print2CAD 2024 AI can be started from Desktop or from AutoCAD Add-Ins menu.

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# Function Common Raster2Vector AutoCAD PDF Import Print2AD 2024 AI
1 PDF Vectors to Polyline and Bulge Conversion
2 PDF Native Text Recognition
3 PDF Text as Hatch - AI Recognition
4 PDF Text as Raster - AI Recognition
5 PDF Text as Line OCR - AI Recognition
5 Implemented OpenAI Technology
6 Dashed Line Type Recognition
7 DashDot, DashDotDot Line Type
8 Vector Circle and Arc Recognition
9 Raster Circle and Arc Recognition
# Function Common Raster2Vector AutoCAD PDF Import Print2AD 2024 AI
10 PDF Layers - AI Recognition
11 Layer Renaming - AI Functions
12 Raster Image Layers - AI Recognition
13 PDF Image Vectorization - AI Functions
14 Raster2Vector Center Line Tracing
15 Raster2Vector Outline Tracing
16 Raster2Vector Solid Tracing
17 Raster2Vector Right Corner - AI Recognition
18 Raster2Vector Symbol - AI Recognition
19 Raster2Vector Walls - AI Recognition
# Function Common Raster2Vector AutoCAD PDF Import Print2AD 2024 AI
20 Raster2Vector Symmetry Recognition - AI Functions
21 Raster2Vector Pre-Procesing - AI Functions
22 Raster2Vector Calibration Points - AI Functions

Top PDF to DWG/AutoCAD Conversion

Print2CAD 2024 AI converts all PDF elements into full editable CAD elements. All PDF lines, polylines, splines, texts, circles, arcs, layers will be converted into native DWG entities.

Print2CAD 2024 AI vectorizes all PDF raster pictures as DWG vectors or solids using "Center Line Tracing", "Outline Tracing" or "Solidization" as vectorization methods.

Print2CAD 2024 AI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Methods for H/V line recognition, right corner recognition, solid walls recognition, symbol recognition and OCR of text.

Print2CAD 2024 AI applies Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to all kind of text (line, hatch or raster) and with all inclination angles.

Print2CAD Import/Export Formats

Print2CAD Import/Export Formats
# Format Import Export Batch Descrition
1 DWG (native) (native) AutoCAD® Drawing File
2 DXF AutoCAD® Data Exchange Format
4 PDF (incl. Raster2Vector) PDF Raster Images Vectorization and OCR
5 3D PDF PDF 3D Publishing with Layouts
10 DWF Autodesk Portable Data
13 JPEG/TIFF/BMP (Raster2Vector optional) Raster Picture Format
14 PRC 3D PDF Input as Product Representation Compact

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How to convert PDF to DWG:

Step 1: Download Print2CAD Software

Step 2: Install Print2CAD on your computer

Step 3: Start the Program Print2CAD

Step 4: Click Button "PDF to DWG Conversion"

Step 5: Select the PDF File(s)

Step 6: Start the Conversion PDF to DWG

Step 7: Ready, the converted DWG output file(s) you will find on your hard drive

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