Print2CAD AI Phenomenon and CADdirect 2023 Overview

Professional PDF to CAD Converter and Top CAD System for .dwg Files

CAD System and Converter with Artificial Intelligence Tutorial and Android 24/7 Support System in 14 different Languages
CAD System in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian,
Korean, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian and Turkish

PDF to DWG/DXF bidirectional conversion, DWG publishing as 2D/3D PDF, DWG to DWG conversion using Print2CAD AI Phenomenon. Postprocessing and viewing of converted DWG/DXF files using ACAD compatible CAD system CADdirect 2023.

Complete Features List

Print2CAD AI Phenomenon - PDF to DWG Conversion Features

  • PDF to DWG/DXF vector conversion
  • Walls and right corner recognition
  • Accurate calibration of PDF coordinates
  • Optimization of converted DWG/DXF files
  • PDF image vectorization to editable DWG/DXF
  • OCR recognition of rasterized PDF text
  • Recognition of layers, linetypes, line weights
  • Pre-Processing of PDF raster images before vectorization
  • OCR recognition of non-native PDF text
  • Artificial intelligence OCR of symbols
  • Alternative vectorization as line, solid or outline
  • Batch conversion of hundreds of PDF files

CADdirect 2023 - CAD System for .dwg/.dxf Files

  • A professional grade 2D/3D CAD program
  • The top ACAD alternative, fully ACAD compatible
  • .dwg/.dxf (Version 12-2022) as native file format
  • Optimized for Windows 64 and 32 bit workstations
  • Import of ACAD menus and tool palettes
  • Import of ACAD fonts, styles, blocks
  • Very easy to learn for ACAD users
  • Import/export of DGN, DWF, SAT, PDF
  • Fair affordable pricing
  • Perpetual (no subscription) licensing
  • English, German, Polish, Korean Interfaces
  • Optimized for cloud computing (GPU not required)

Print2CAD 2023 - PDF Publisher and DWG to DWG Converter

  • Batch DWG/DXF in 2D/3D PDF conversion
  • Publishing of DWG/DXF as interactive PDF files
  • Plot using color/line weight settings (CTB files)
  • High accuracy of coordinates with optimized vertices
  • DWG to DWG Version (11-2022) converter
  • DWG to DWG layer conversion
  • DWG to DWG color conversion
  • DWG to DWG text and dimensions correction
  • 3D DWG to 3D PDF publishing
  • 2D DWG to 3D PDF conversion
  • Ready to use interactive 3D PDF templates
  • Creates PDF optimized for Internet