Print2CAD 2024 AI - The New Software Security

Special Prices extended till February 16, 2024

The new rapid developments in the Windows operating system and in Internet security pose an unprecedented challenge for us software developers.

Above all, the new European regulations on data storage finally put an end to some previously successful security concepts and internet services.

Unfortunately, our Print2CAD software in the versions from 2021 and older is also affected by these software environment changes, which are completely independent of us.

The security concepts in these older program versions are affected by the new Windows updates and most Internet firewalls are no longer accepted.

It cannot be ruled out that the functionality of the older versions of the Print2CAD program will be interrupted in the next few days or weeks or has already been interrupted.

To avoid or fix this, an upgrade to the "Print2CAD AI Phenomenon" version is necessary, which uses an exclusive security concept that conforms to the latest firewalls, Internet security and Windows updates.

The security concept of our software from the years 2010-2021 is based on SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) concept for the activation digital signature.

Unfortunately, Microsoft ended SHA-1 support for Windows Update on August 7, 2020. Most Internet services, firewalls and Windows updates now block this SHA-1 code signing method, which was advertised as highly secure at the time.

If you use these Windows updates, Windows Firewall unfortunately terminates software activities that do not use the new SHA-2 or SHA-3.

For these reasons we were forced to buy a new, very exclusive security concept, which has to be remunerated annually, depending on use.

We also use the new SHA-3 code signing method, which is fully recognized by Microsoft products and by Windows updates.