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Welcome to CADGPT ™, the ultimate AutoCAD AI Expert System designed to support AutoCAD professionals in their daily tasks. With our cutting-edge AI technology and advanced AI features, we aim to revolutionize the way AutoCAD professionals work and enhance their productivity.

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This is the power of CADGPTWebinar Recording from 7/20/2023

CADGPT™ - Chat

CADGPT is a comprehensive solution that offers a wide range of functionalities tailored specifically for AutoCAD users. Whether you are an architect, engineer, or designer, our system is here to simplify your workflow and streamline your design process.

Another major advantage of CADGPT is its intelligent suggestions and recommendations. Based on your previous designs and preferences, our system can propose alternative solutions or design improvements, helping you achieve better results in less time. It acts as a virtual assistant, guiding you through the design process and offering valuable insights along the way.

AI Calculator

An AI calculator can be used by entering the numerical values and the mathematical operation you want to perform. These can include basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as more complex functions like roots, allowable load, exponents, and trigonometry.

The AI calculator can even solve complex equations and problems. You simply type in your problem and the calculator will find the best method to solve it and output the result. Function "Explain the Solution" provide step-by-step instructions to show how they arrived at their answer.

Generate Email or Letter

CADGPT can help you generate emails or letters. Expert Robotics's GPT-4, an AI-driven text generation tool that can create human-like and expert-like texts. You simply enter a short description or instruction, and the tool generates a full text based on that.

It can also be customized for specific writing styles or tonalities. You can set specific goals and target groups, and the CADGPT will then generate optimally worded, personalized emails.

Generate Documents

Generating documents using CADGPT is based on machine learning and special algorithms called language models. One starts with the input of an initial phrase or keyword that serves as a starting point. The CADGPT then analyzes the patterns and structures in the given input and generates more text based on that./p>

Our CADGPT can generate Research, Simple Text, Web Page Text, Document, Contract, Agreement, Extension of Agreement, Document, Notice, Report, Amendment, Dissolution, Title, Deed, Certificate, Termination, Purchase Receipt, Final Invoice, Letter of Resignation, Late Payment Collecion Letter, Certification of Cease and Desist, Trademark Cease and Desist, CAD Service Agreement, Employment Offer Letter, Employment Agreement, Employee Written Warning, Employee Termination Letter, Employee Nondisclosure Letter/p>

Rewrite Existing Text

To rewrite existing text CADGPT use machine learning to recognize patterns and context in text data and generate new text from it. You input the text you want to change into the tool and let the CADGPT rewrite the text, based on the previously learned data.

You can also give specific instructions to influence the style, tone, or context of the new text. Note, however, that the quality of the rewritten text depends heavily on the quality and quantity of the data the CADGPT was trained with.

Translate Existing Text

CADGPT use machine learning to translate text from one language to another. Simply enter the text you want to translate, select the target language and click "Translate". CADGPT will analyze the text and generate a translation that you can then copy or download.

Note, however, that machine translations are sometimes not 100% accurate and may miss certain nuances or cultural contexts. After the translation you can also AI rewrite the text using CADGPT.

Generate Code Snippet

With CADGPT, you can generate code snippets using a model based on machine learning. The model is trained to recognize patterns and structures based on numerous code samples. You simply type in a description of what you want the code to do, and the AI generates an appropriate code snippet based on what it has learned.

CADGPT can Generate source code in LISP, AutoLisp (AutoCAD Lisp), VisualLisp, ObjectARX, Visual Basic, Excel Script, DWG Script, C++ and C#

AutoCAD Project Step by Step

Creating an AutoCAD project using CADGPT starts with defining the project and its requirements. CADGPT uses machine learning and AI to generate efficient design solutions step by step programs based on your specifications. You simply enter the parameters and requirements of your project, and the AI generates a set of design steps.

Explore CAD Guidelines

CADGPT can be used to investigate CAD policies by applying machine learning and deep learning techniques. CADGPT algorithms can be used for efficient analysis and review of CAD policies. In addition, CADGPT can be used to automatically monitor AutoCAD policy compliance and identify violations, greatly speeding up and simplifying the review process.

CADGPT can also help improve the quality of AutoCAD designs by making suggestions for optimization based on the learned guidelines.

Explore AutoCAD Variables

AutoCAD variables can be studied using CADGPT machine learning and pattern recognition. This involves developing an algorithm that is able to recognize patterns and relationships in the AutoCAD variables. The algorithm is then trained with a large amount of AutoCAD data to learn these patterns and relationships.

Function "Explain the Variable" provide step-by-step instructions to show how to use the Variable in AutoCAD System.

Explore AutoCAD Commands

AutoCAD commands can be studied using CADGPT machine learning and pattern recognition. This involves developing an algorithm that is able to recognize patterns and relationships in the AutoCAD commands. The algorithm is then trained with a large amount of AutoCAD data to learn these patterns and relationships.

"Explain the Command" provide step-by-step instructions to show how to use the command in AutoCAD System.

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