CADdirect 2024 AI - New Functions

CADdirect 2024 is a major release based on the new IntelliCAD 11.1 that includes significant performance improvements and new features. CADdirect 2024 is up to seven times faster when selecting entities and two times faster for grip editing, grip displaying, entity snapping, and drawing regenerating.

The new CADdirect 2024 is based on OpenAI Technology and offers a lot of aI functions inclusive the new ChatGPT AI tools.

The new CAddirect 2024 layout uses attractive dark blue colors for menus and white text on a blue background.

Permanent Artificial Intelligence CAD Functions Tutorial will tell you in time what is the next efficient function to use during CAD work.

You can install and use CADdirect 2024 fully translated in 14 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, and Ukrainian

CADdirect 2024 offers an integrated dynamic block library with architectural, environmental and electrical symbols.

For versions of CADdirct 2024 that work with BIM files, import Autodesk® Revit® 2023 files, specify AEC drawing units, convert an existing entity to a beam path, and determine the smoothness (level of detail) of curves in BIM underlays created from .rvt files.

Many new commands are available: Quick Dimension, Adjust Spacing, Center Mark, Center Line, Replace Block, Quick Block Save, Live Sectioning, Align Space, Facet Model Helix, and Extract Isolines. New features also include the ability to define custom paper sizes for .pc3 printer configuration files, replace blocks with existing external references, and choose alternate fonts when an SHX font cannot be found.

New CADdirect 2024 features include the ability to insert and work with geographic maps, restore default program settings from the operating system Start menu, create and edit tables and table styles, create and edit sheet sets, insert dynamic blocks, import .pdf files with more advanced options, import point data from .csv and .txt files, and import map files (.shp, .sdf, .sqlite files). Also included is integration with 3Dconnexion input devices for streamlining the CAD drawing experience.

More CADdirect 2024 features that have a big efficiency boost for end users are smooth view transitions, entity cloning, dimension breaking, quick groups, advanced grips for blocks and groups, the Layer Previous command, the ability to turn off entity movement when clicking and dragging the mouse, and the ability to restore a layer state to the current viewport, all viewports, all layouts and viewports, or the Model tab. Additionally, the new Rectangular Array, Polar Array, Path Array, and Edit Array commands provide more functionality for arraying entities than in previous releases.

CADddirect 2024 AEC 3D elements can be exported as IFC for using in other CAD systems.

CADddirect 2024 includes new version of PDF to CAD converter Print2CAD 2024 AI.

More enhancements include an improved interface when printing and exporting to PDF, more ways to add sheets when publishing, a home view and rotate arrows for the view cube, blocks in table cells, table cell content management, and multileader styles, multiline styles, table styles, and visual styles as part of the Explorer.